"The Devils in Baggy Pants"

504th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Devil Brigade

1st Combat Brigate
"Strike Hold"


82nd Airborne Division
"All American"

Airsoft team 1-504PIR “Red Devils”

Our team is formed on 1st May of 2007. Object of our interests — 1 battalion 504 PIR of 82nd division (“All American”). Our team unites people, which interestingly of this direction, besides we are old friends. We designate the modelling, as Serious (yes from big letter “S”) — not only use of the authentic form, equipment and arms, but also tactical modelling, i.e. in the game we try to base on tactical manuals American airborne.

At the moment staff “Red Devils” — 10 person. 90 % of fighters have experience in airsoft from 1 till 3 completely won back seasons.

“Red Devils” are always ready to cooperation with the interesting people seriously concerning the hobby.


Team leader: Rem
E-mail: hq@82abn.org.
Phone: +7 (910) 435-6811, ICQ — 261267330

Condition of reception

  • Meeting
  • Reception to candidate
  • 1 year played in team
  • Unanimous reception in team

You must be older then 20 years, serious attitude, ready to spend a lot of money for equipment in 1st season.


  • Carbine M4A1
  • Rifles M16A3, M16A4 and M110
  • Machineguns M249 and M240
  • Pistol M9

Team patch

Our team patch is patch of 82nd Airborne aka “All American”.

Uniform and gear

We use ACUPAT uniform (Army Combat Uniform Pattern), aka ARPAT (Army Pattern) or Universal pattern, Gen.III.

AmericaL Division

Our team is member of airsoft US bloc — “AmericaL Division”.